After 8 1/2 years with RWE spent largely establishing, building and leading a strong and robust EUR 300m+ Principal Investment business within the trading group, it is time for a new challenge.

With backing from RWE and a largely commodity-focused family office we have established Polar Rock Energy to be an independent principal investor in rapidly developing North American energy markets.

We will initially concentrate on assets and companies that will profit from the rapid disruption to established energy flows resulting from the shale revolution, but have no specific restrictions and will be nimble and opportunistic in pursuing deals.

While not a unique strategy, our experience over the last few years as an active principal investor worldwide has led us to believe that because these particular markets are moving and developing so quickly there is plenty of opportunity for the disciplined investor who is willing to take reasonable risks in search of outsized returns.

We are evaluating deals ranging from $5m to $50+m, with no specific restriction on where in the capital stack we can invest.  We prefer transactions with commodity exposure as opposed to fixed return annuities as our expertise comes from a deep understanding of commodity markets rather than playing with leverage and financial engineering. 

Distress does not scare us.

As almost all our investment successes have come either directly or indirectly from existing professional networks, (and conversely most underperforming investments have come when venturing outside the network), we would be happy to hear from those with good ideas in need of funding.